October 16, 2017


In a recent leadership survey, 72% of respondents indicated they were looking for a leader who was forward looking. That is, 72% said they wanted to follow a leader that could provide hope of a better future than what they were experiencing today! 

Someone once said, that the best way to lead people in the future is to connect with them in the present. People naturally want to accomplish something special and significant. It is the job of the leader to provide that hope of a much better tomorrow through the achievement of the dream.

Your vision is a picture of where you want your organization to go under your direction.  Your vision will guide the day-to-day operations and unify the Board, staff, volunteers and other stakeholders.

How do you get there? 

Join Alison Motz of Ascend Advisors for the key first session of this new leadership series--and learn how to implement your own personal vision for your organization.  This webinar will provide you with the 7 steps to overcome cultural norms impeding your vision, clarifying strategies that will help you establish a new culture that drives your organization to meet your own personal vision and attain your leadership goals.

Registration is limited.  Prior to the program, you will receive information for connecting to the webinar.  Please call 216-861-1933 x322 or email dmh@foundationcenter.org if you have any questions.