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Torree Williams

Torree Williams is a creative chaos coordinator turned grant researcher.

She grew up in an Illinois farm town and currently resides in Northwest Arkansas.

Torree completed her BA in psychology and Juris Doctorate of Law at the University of Arkansas before working in the nonprofit sector. 

Currently with Ascend Advisors, Torree specializes in grant research and event planning while working to expand her knowledge and experience in grant writing and strategic planning. She relishes opportunities to collaborate with clients to bring their ideas to fruition and seeing the impact. Torree is eager to assist your organization with capturing opportunities and maximizing its reach.

Her work experience includes:

  • Strategic Planning Data Analysis
  • Grant Writing
  • Grant Research
  • Sponsor Research & Engagement
Her current work focus is supporting effective change in organizations, addressing issues such as

Helping agencies find grant funds

Analyzing strategic planning data to develop recurring themes

Promoting flexible work for women with advanced degrees



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